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S366SX-E SuperCore Assembly

This 366SXE will outflow any drop in turbo and spool up great with the new turbine design. It is recommended for stock injectors all the way to 238/100’s on a 7.3L and 190cc to 225cc on a 6.0L!

S300SX-E SuperCore Assembly 9180

  • 66.11mm / 2.60” Compressor Inducer Dia.
  • 91.44mm / 3.60” Compressor Wheel O.D.
  • 73.37mm / 2.89” Turbine Exducer Dia.
  • 79.75mm / 3.14” Turbine Wheel O.D.
  • Straight Compressor Outlet


Note: Borg Warner Super Core Assemblies do not ship with a turbine housing, they are sold separaetly or often reused from existing S-300 (SX-E) chargers. Assemplies will ship with a compressor housing.  

S369SX-E Super Core Assembly 13009097051

SKU: 13009097051
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