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Upgraded Billet Unison Ring

Features & Details: 

  • 100% Drop In Ready
  • Machined From High Quality Billet Stainless Steel
  • Prevents Sticking Vanes
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Lengthens Life of VGT Solenoid


This is an upgraded unison ring made to prevent sticky vanes and improve the functionality of your VGT turbo. This unison ring is made of billet stainless steel and is made to resist corrosion. This ring is just slightly larger than stock to reduce problem with the amount of slop that the stock unison ring has. No modifications needed and will drop right in. 

**This Unison Ring will fit your LLY and LBZ Duramax also**

KC Billet Unison Ring - 6.0 POWERSTROKE, LLY, LBZ

SKU: 300109
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