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Sam Wyse Stage 1 Transmission 4R100/E4OD (450hp) | 94-03 7.3L Powerstroke


Sam Wyse Has been building ford transmissions for over 10 years and continues to build some of the best E4OD, 4R100, 5R110 and 6R140 Transmissisons available. 

You can rest assured when buying a Sam Wyse transmisison that you are going to be receiving the best


Stage 1 4R100 & E4OD Rating
Stock - 450 Horsepower

What Size Injectors Can I run?
This Stage 1 transmission will be warrantied with any fuel injector size from stock to 180cc flow Rate.
Can This Transmission Be Shipped?

Yes! These transmissons are usually shipped. Freight charges are calculated AFTER ordering.


Does custom tuning affect my waranty?

Yes! Custom tuning from an approved tuning company will still keep your transmission under warranty! 

For tuning availabilty  through DCD, please call the shop and reference your SO #.

Stage 1 Modifications

  • Modified transmission with pump and valve body mods
  • Added clutches in direct 6 gpz clutches and overdrive 4 gpz clutches. Low/rev 7 clutches added. Gpz clutches used where applicable. Gpz clutches used where applicable.
  • Includes a custom built triple disk torque converter with billet front cover all new upgraded sonnax parts and new upgraded bearings with new hd clutches. These converters are built to our strict specifications.
  • Upgraded hardened Sun shell
  • All new bushings installed
  • Full spline forward drum
  • Dual load center support for better strength
  • New thrust washers
  • Added bushings installed in high wear areas
  • Coast clutch basket machined to prevent snap ring blow out
  • Hd intermediate sprag
  • New overdrive sprag
  • New oem solenoid pack and speed sensors and new range sensor (ford)
  • 5 Upgraded snap rings to prevent breaking and blow outs
  • Great for a stock truck or a light tuned truck. Custom tuning is recommended to adjust shift pressure. If you are using a PHP hydra with canned tuning please install the mod VB tuning
  • 4-year unlimited mileage warranty UNLESS core is not returned within 30 days. Then you will only receive a 1 year waranty.
  • This Transmission Carries a 4 Year Unlimited Mileage warranty* See Description for Exceptions

SWA - Stage 1 Transmission (450hp) | 94-03 7.3L

PriceFrom $3,800.00
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