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New BDX Performance Tuner

Features & Details:

  • Load New Tunes VIA Cloud/WiFi 
  • Return to stock and tune another vehicle up to 3 times
  • Backs up Factory Tune
  • Use As a Monitor 
  • Stores 20 Tunes
  • Data Logging
  • Monitor Engine Parameters In Real Time
  • Reads and Clears DTC Codes
  • Adjust axel ratio
  • Adjust tire size
  • Idle adjust


The BDX Performance Programmer delivers street-tested, dyno-proven tune files developed by SCT’s expert calibrators to unlock each vehicle’s true potential. Select from multiple SCT tuning levels or load up to 20 custom tune files from one of our thousands of custom tuning dealers worldwide.

BDX gives drivers the ability to monitor a customizable table of engine parameters (PIDs), in real time. The device’s data logging capability makes it easy to record vehicle performance and play it back with SCT’s free LiveLink software.

BDX offers the first-of-its-kind CloudTune delivery over WiFi. Custom tunes, firmware updates, and DLX files are delivered over any WiFi connection, eliminating the need for computers or fumbling with messy wires.

SCT BDX Performance Tuner - UNIVERSAL (1996+)

SKU: 300455
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