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Non-EBPV Turbo Pedestal

Features & Details:

  • Pedestal includes 4 O-Rings.
  • Also works with stock turbos.



Get rid of your EBPV (Exhaust Back Pressure Valve) With this Non-EBPV pedestal for the 7.3 Powerstroke (E99). This is a great addition when using the high flow outlet or a “gutted” stock outlet. This direct bolt-in replacement for the factory pedestal will eliminate leaks from the EBV actuator assembly and works with the factory turbo,KC turbos, Garrett GTP38r ball bearing turbo, Turbonetics ball bearing, and all other “drop in” turbos.



**By purchasing this, you agree you have purchased an Early 1999 product and it will not fit on a L99-2003.****

Non-EBPV Turbo Pedestal - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (E99)

SKU: 300270
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