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Irate Diesel Complete T4 Kit with S366SX-E | 94-03 7.3L Powerstroke

This kit is for the crowd looking to be around the 450-550hp mark, this turbo has very good driving characteristics, fast spool up and will do very well towing. Works great with 205/80 - 250/100 hybrids!

This kit is the complete IDP T4 mounting system with 304ss up-pipes and intercooler piping, and includes the S366SXE turbo!! Just hook up your air filter and exhaust and these systems are ready to run!

Key Turbo Features:

360-degree thrust bearing
Integrated speed sensor port
Forged milled compressor wheel
Flexible compressor cover outlet options
Pre-machined boost port
Optimized compressor cover aerodynamics

Includes 2.5-3″ boot for compressor outlet.*

94-97 and E-99 trucks will need to add plenums added to the order, 99.5-03 can use existing plenums but it is not recommended*

94-97-Waste-gates NOT available on OBS trucks! Firewall modifications will be necessary for the downpipe, even if you have a 3″ downpipe for the stock turbo in there already.*

94-97 trucks must have an Electric Fuel System to run our T4 kit.*

IDP - Complete T4 Kit with S366SX-E | 94-03 7.3L

PriceFrom $2,840.00
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