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Is your 7.3 Powerstroke in need of a replacement starter? Why not bolt-on a big upgrade for easier starts, even on the coldest of mornings with this heavy duty, gear reduction starter?

You can rely on the XDP Wrinkle Black Gear Reduction Starter to get your Ford Powerstroke running in the most extreme environments. XDP's Gear Reduction Starters are faster, stronger, and more durable than your factory starter. This gives you the ability to turn over even the most aggressive diesel engines.

XDP's Gear Reduction Starters feature a smaller motor that is faster, more efficient, and draws less amperage. The Gear Reduction Design produces more torque than a factory unit, at about a third of the size. This not only reduces weight, but also makes a more compact design for easier installation. Each starter comes pre-tested, ready for installation and features a durable "Wrinkle Black" finish for corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Includes adapter plate and mounting bolts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Depending on the conditions, a starter can pull up to 500 amps. These levels of amperage stress ALL components in the circuit including cables, terminals, batteries, and more. Problems with these components can be difficult to diagnose as they appear fine at rest and under a light load, but generate high resistance under heavy amperage draws. This results in low voltage to the starter while cranking, causing heavier amperage draw, and increased heat leading to starter failure. Batteries, cables and additional components should be checked and serviced regularly. Voltage measured at the starter during cranking should always be above 9.5V DC. Starter heat shields are not required, but are an excellent idea for heat protection.

HD Gear Reduction Starter - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (1994-2003)

SKU: XD253
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