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Introducing Edge Products new Back-Up Camera compatible with the all-new CTS3 products. The back-up camera is a must have for those safety-conscious drivers and those who want to hook up to trailers with ease. The camera mode on the CTS3 products automatically engage when the vehicle goes into reverse* or if user selects camera icon from top menu anytime.


License plate mount
Durable black metal finish
RCA to USB video signal adapter
Camera view available anytime with CTS3
Auto engage camera when reverse is detected*
Adjustable camera angle
Night vision LEDs for optimal lighting
Waterproof (IP67)
Quick and Easy Installation to Connect to any Edge CTS3 monitor


*Only on automatic applications when gear PID is an option. Most comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-gauge touch-screen display on the market.
CTS3 monitor sold seperate.

Edge - Backup Camera License Plate Mount For CTS3 - 98203

SKU: EDGE-98203
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