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Boost Regulator 


The computer in your 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke Diesel equipped vehicle will turn on the "Service Engine Soon" light at about 24 psi of boost (some calibrations may come on at lower pressures). A pressure easily attained by today's high performance chips, tuners and modules. At the same time, the computer will reduce fueling (power) in an effort to bring the boost pressure down. This reduced power mode will remain in effect until the PCM sees enough continuous operation without the fault (usually a few minutes of driving), the ignition is cycled or the code that tripped the SES light is cleared electronically.

Our easy to install boost fooler kit will prevent the computer from setting the SES light and defueling the engine for an overboost condition (the light may still light for other reasons). Maintaining full power at all boost levels. This kit is pre-set to show your MAP sensor a maximum of 22-23psi.

Features & Details:

  • Completely Pre-Assembled and Pre-Set
  • High Quality Adjustable Pressure Regulator
  • Pre-Installed Mounting Bracket

Driven Diesel Overboost Annihilator - 7.3 POWERSTROKE (1999-2003)

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